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Concert at Nuit de_ART, Winnipeg, June 6th


Over the Transom is playing at Nuit de_ART on June 6th at la Maison des artistes visuels francophone in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

“Une soirée-bénéfice soulignant l’art sous diverses formes aura lieu le vendredi 6 juin 2014 dans la galerie d’art contemporain et dans le Jardin de sculpture situés au 219, boulevard Provencher.

Nous allons transformer le jardin de sculpture en un lieu d’échange où les invitées pourront visionner les sculptures, écouter des performances musicales live, prendre une bière et parler entre eux. C’est une expérience culturel unique sur un des boulevard les mieux connus de Winnipeg.”

Also playing at the event is DJ Mama Cutsworth with more to come.

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Over the Transom LOVESYCK
It’s the space moth voice and drunk android beats, pounding piano and zippy zorpy electro-zap.
Over the Transom makes music from the sexy space lounges of the future so what the hell, yes, ENGAGE

Footnotes⁴ features music created for LOVESYCK, a deep space nightclub medical opera web comic viewable at www.lovesyck.com

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Music and Production : Joseph Fiola
Vocals and Lyrics : Nadia Gaudet
Artwork : Alexis Flower

Music copyright © 2014 Over the Transom (SOCAN)
Artwork copyright © 2014 Alexis Flower

Exist Strategy | Over the Transom | Gulf Stream | July 6th au Cagibi


Exist Strategy | Over the Transom | The Gulf Stream | Santo | vj Ma” | Live au Cagibi July 6th, 2013

7$ | 20h30 | 5490 St. Laurent, Montréal

Facebook event page 

Footnotes³ featuring Mayday to the Moon

Footnotes3 cover art
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Full track listing:
1. The Actuated Fundamental 03:40
2. Wanting More 05:01
3. Dive in the Deep 05:34
4. Ohm Subset 06:16
5. The Spark 06:13
6. Sousveillance 05:22

These songs were all born out of improvised jams recorded one evening in the summer of ’11 in Montréal. The performances of those initial recordings remain the fundamental elements heard in these tracks while new instrumentation and arrangements were worked on throughout 2012.

All songs written by Nadia Gaudet, Joe ‘Zef’ Fiola, Jim Demos


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Copyright © 2012 Over the Transom (SOCAN)

The Spark: featuring Mayday to the Moon

The Spark
A collaboration between Over the Transom & Mayday to the Moon.
From the upcoming third episode of Footnotes.
Music by : Joseph Fiola, Nadia Gaudet & Jim Demos
Video Footage by : Nadia Gaudet & Stéphane Oystryk


Footnotes2 cover art

Footnotes is available on our blog as a free 192kbps audio file.

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Video pour la chanson TunnelVision from Footnotes¹ podcast.

Shot on a Canon 60d. All effects are practical in-camera effects with zero post-processing other than editing. Projection done using VDMX and shot with TV feedback.

Footnotes Podcast:
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Check out our inaugural Over the Transom podcast mix : Footnotes 1

Footnotes is available here as a free 192kbps audio file.

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